I like anime, manga, and I Love❤ yaoi.
I'm an otaku and a super fujoshi.
I like, writing stories & poem, and reading. ७✎▤
My favorite animal is a dragon.
My favorite book is Septimus Heap.
My favorite Anime is Haikyuu!!
My favorite yaoi manga is Honto Yajuu.
My favorite manga is Koe no Katachi.
Ummm... so yeah.
╮(˘︿ ˘)╭
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hi does anyone have that gif of a beefy dude blowing a dildo on a hotel bed then a maid opens the door, sees him and then closes the door and he keeps blowing the dildo without noticing or caring? thanks in advance. your pal, grimelords.


god bless and thanks

I contemplated reblogging this for at least 5 minutes why does this exist omg

Free! Dj: Haruka-kun o Tsukatte Hitori Ecchi Suru Rin-chan no Hon
Free! dj – A Book where Rin-chan Uses Haruka-kun to Have Sex by Himself
Free! dj – Haruka-kun wo Tsukatte Hitori Ecchi Suru Rin-chan no Hon.

Pairing: Haruka x Rin

Circle: BALL:S/ som

Language: English

Tagged With: BALL:S (Som), English, hardcore,Loving Bully, yaoi

Link : http://myreadingmanga.info/balls-som-free-dj-haruka-kun-o-tsukatte-hitori-ecchi-suru-rin-chan-hon-eng/

Title: Will You Live With Me? Day Two
Kuroko no Basuke dj – Boku to Issho ni Kurashimasen ka? Futsukame

Pairing: Kuroko x Kagami, Kise x Aomine, Kuroko x Kagami x Aomine, Kuroko x Kagami x Aomine x Kise

Circle: Karaage of the Year/ KARAAGE Muchio

Language: English

Japanese scan @ Boku to Issho ni Kurashimasen ka? Futsukame [JP]

Tags - Yaoi, Foursome, Sweet/Cute Story, Romance

Link : http://myreadingmanga.info/karaage-year-kuroko-basuke-dj-will-live-day-two-eng/